Welcome To BosAngeles

My latest album reflects my journey in the past year since moving from Boston, Massachusetts to sunny Los Angeles, California. The project explores culture clashes, the ups, downs, relationships and new experiences. For each single, I will put out a ‘postcard’ for the artwork that will include a location out here in ‘BosAngeles’. As each song drops I’ll include a small write up about the background of the song, writing process and inspiration. By the end you will have a completely artist driven listener’s guide that further enhances the listening experience.

First up is:

8. From Here (Produced by WMS The Sultan)

The artwork picture was taken on 6.17.15  at the infamous House Of Blues on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood. Not only was it my first major show in ‘BosAngeles’ but it was also the final night in which underground artists would be able to play the famed establishment.FromHereArtworkOfficial


One of the great things about moving here has been the huge amount of Boston transplants that have headed towards the West Coast in search of something new. Myself and Brandon Tory (Brockton, MA) headlined the event while guest appearances from Boston artists like Teddy Roxpin, J The S and Millyz helped make the night a huge success.


For those who don’t know, ‘617’ is the area code for the Boston area. 6.17 (June 17th) is always celebrated in the hometown Hip-Hop community as ‘617 day’. With a large turnout of Boston artists and Boston transplants we figured it would be a fun idea to throw our own event away from home. We called the event the ‘617 Takeover’.

‘I rep everyday

when we show 


We be making moves on the low

I be making moves like whoa

I be walking round this bitch like I own the place

and I thought that I should let you know 

I ain’t even from here …’

It was here the idea of ‘From Here’ was born. I thought it was a pretty relatable subject for alot of people. Sometimes you need to move or find yourself in a ‘foreign’ place but still do your best to make a splash in whichever way you see fit. I just happen to be from the Boston area.  Never stopped  me or anyone else out here from walking around this bitch like we own the place. The record is meant to be fun and playful and alludes to everything from my momma thinking I have broad shoulders all the way to plays on Beyonce lyrics. It’s brash, it’s unapologetic but it’s inherently ‘617’. You know where I’m from. I ain’t even gotta say it.