Nat Anglin teams up with GronkNation for Brady sampled Patriots Anthem ‘Let’s Go’

Nat Anglin kicks the New Year off with a brand new single just in time for the NFL playoffs. Anyone who knows Nat knows he reps home to the fullest and this time he brought it to a new level by sampling Tom Brady for the war drum styled hook on ‘Let’s Go’.

Not only is the song killer, but Rob Gronkowski’s site ‘GronkNation’ debuted the song and confirmed it will absolutely be in the headphones of some of the Patriots players this January. Whether or not you like the Patriots need not matter as this one absolutely gets your blood going.

You can also peep the awesome write up on GronkNation.


Welcome To BosAngeles: A Comprehensive Listener’s Guide

Welcome To BosAngeles

My latest album reflects my journey in the past year since moving from Boston, Massachusetts to sunny Los Angeles, California. The project explores culture clashes, the ups, downs, relationships and new experiences. For each single, I will put out a ‘postcard’ for the artwork that will include a location out here in ‘BosAngeles’. (more…)

Nat Anglin Channels His Inner ‘Ray Donovan’

‘Reporting live from a dream world …’ – Nat Anglin.

The song has been picked up by #JackThriller, #Boi1da, #KillerBoomBox and more. Stay tuned for more music coming soon. #WelcomeToBosAngeles coming soon.

2015 In Review: A Year In #BosAngeles PART 1

This past Sunday marks one year of me living in Los Angeles. It’s quite a surreal feeling looking back at how much my life has changed during that time period. While the memories of Boston are dear and the longing to see my family are indeed a struggle at times, I’ve learned a great deal living in a city different from the one that raised me.

Last year got off to about the quickest start imaginable. A cross country road trip with my cousin Regal (a feat which believe it or not had always been on my bucket list). Once we hit LA there were a few auditions right off the bat, I picked up a commercial agent, finally got to record with New England favorite Matty Trump, and grabbed a night job in West Los Angeles. Mix in hitting the beach in January and purchasing a membership at world famous Gold’s Gym in Venice I was beginning to feel like a made man!

Can you smell what #BosAngeles is cookin' ? #HardlyHomeAlwaysReppin Nice to meet the legend himself.

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Then the New England Patriots won a few amazing games, I jumped in the car with some friends and next thing we knew we had broken into the party of the year, partied with the Champions and people were starting to take notice.

The ‘Super Bowl’ story caused quite a stir both at home and out here in Los Angeles. (more…)

Nat Anglin drops his brand new single ‘Shhh!’ (Can I) the first single off his 2016 EP ‘Welcome To BosAngeles’. The video incorporates both Nat’s trademark love for ‘all things Boston’ with his new residence in Los Angeles. The video is fresh, to the point and fun. Watch as him and the BosAngeles crew run around Los Angeles like they own the place! #TalkYoShit #Shhh #YoungKennedys #Bargang #Boston #BosAngeles

Here is the Mp3 version as well:


A Look Back At ‘Ways To Go’: My Absurdly Detailed Timeline and Comprehensive Guide


There is a faint voice from some lost period of my childhood that calls out to me sometimes. It’s soft, welcoming and warm. Like some overdue spring breeze that finally decided to show it’s face after a frigid winter. It is the type of memory that is so weathered and faded you can’t recall whether it was an actual memory or a dream from early in life.

It’s my mother’s voice.

‘We’ve got a ways to go’.

Growing up the oldest of five kids in a tight knit family you heard that alot.

On a hike with mom: ‘Quit whining. We’ve still got a ways to go’.

After the Red Sox lost three out of four in early August to Yankees:

‘Seasons not over. Still got a ways to go’.

On a roadtrip to see colleges with my entire family in the car up and down the east coast. How far until the next stop?

‘We’ve got a ways to go.

A horrific story on the news. A racially charged murder. A kidnapping. An overdose.

My mom again.

Her voice.

ways to go’.

It was far from her tagline and I’m sure I’m giving the phrase more credit than it is worth but for one reason or another it has always stuck with me. Back in 2013 I dropped my 3rd solo effort ‘Ways To Go’ through The album, my favorite I’ve released thus far, covered my experiences in my hometown. I sought to tell stories and experiences from my own experiences but also explored and amplified the stories of others throughout the album. Above all I wanted the project to be an accurate reflection of my city and a love letter to the place that I owe everything.


The back cover art for ‘Ways To Go’ is an old map of The City of Boston (I believe this is from 1775 but honestly can’t remember due to looking through so many different ones for the artwork). I wanted the ‘back’ artwork to signify Boston from back in the day. Directly correlating to the idea of ‘how far we’ve come’ since then.

As an independent Hip-Hop artist, in maybe the most oversaturated market I can think of, conveying your ‘art’ can be quite trying. People are almost disgusted at the idea of you telling them you rap. I can’t even say I blame them. However, lost in the endless compost pile of free mixtapes, unwanted twitter mentions, spammy Facebook posts, obnoxious free beat emails and unfortunate industry freestyles are people that work extremely hard and only wish to be heard (or god forbid, taken seriously). What I ‘am’ isn’t up to me. It’s up to the listener. I’m confident and detailed and work tirelessly to perfect the projects I put out. So today I wrote this for the people who have always showed me support. I also wrote this for people yet to hear me and should they choose to lend me their ears, if only for a few precious moments, this guide may help them navigate and better understand what I wanted to convey with ‘Ways To Go’ (more…)

New Music: Nat Anglin feat. Jefe Replay – Verse Of The Year (Produced By RolexDayt0na)

Greetings from #BosAngeles. I’ve been out here laying the groundwork for a new album, making connections and trying my very best to expand out here. Recently I opened up for Mobb Deep at The El Rey Theater and had an awesome show.  It was a crazy ass night for Hip-Hop lovers. I look forward to rocking more shows and sharing more original music. I’ve recently booked some festivals and I am aiming for a late fall / early winter release date on the EP… details on that will be coming soon.

In the meantime I just wanted to send along my brand new record ‘Verse Of The Year’ featuring another Boston artist Jefe Replay. We met over some drinks at Boston’s infamous ‘Beacon Hill Pub’ before I moved out West and decided to make some music together. This was the product. Jefe is a great up and coming artist who I’m thrilled to work with. We both got hip to each other when we both made the XXL Top Rappers In Boston You Should Know list a few years back. We hope you enjoy it as we feel it brings very aggressive touch. It is available for free download today. More to come soon. Thank you as always for the past, present and future support. The hiatus is over.  Make sure to follow both me and Jefe Replay on Soundcloud.


        Nat Anglin feat. Jefe Replay – Verse Of The Year (Produced by RolexDayt0na)

@NatAnglin @JefeReplay @RolexDayt0na on twitter.




Wanted to say thank you for all the birthday love. Yes, even the ‘Happy Father’s Day’ and ‘Welcome to your 40s’ jokes. Feel like I had a really good run during my 20s and I have many of you to thank for that.



During my 20s I:

Joined the Irish National Baseball team and have competed at the International Level representing my grandparent’s native country. I consider it my proudest personal accomplishment so far in life. Since joining them in 2005, at just 20 years old, I have traveled to nine different countries. More than teammates, the folks associated with Baseball Ireland are considered extended family. It’s been an amazing decade and a privilege to play for the wonderful country of Ireland. I am blessed to be a dual citizen. Pride and honor. 


I lost my grandfather in 2006 after my first tour with Ireland. We won the silver medal during the qualifiers in Belgium, the highest our great country has ever finished. Although losing Papa was extremely difficult, I am so thankful I got the chance to tell him about my adventures in his homeland and beyond.



I graduated from college in 2007 with a degree in Communications from Suffolk University (although I still rep Umass Amherst to this day). I also had the joy of watching each of my four siblings graduate from college.


I taught at the Neighborhood House Charter School in Boston, Massachusetts for eight years. I bartended and bounced at The Beacon Hill Pub for eight years as well. The duality of lifestyles were often hilarious and provided me with some of the more important experiences of my life.




I began a career in making Hip-Hop music and since 2011 I have released three full length projects (The Bartender, 2011. 20 Something, 2012. Ways To Go, 2013.) I was selected as a member of the ‘12 for 12’ collective which made history in the local scene. From the old Harper’s Ferry in Allston, to A3C in Atlanta to South By Southwest in Austin, Texas to now Los Angeles, California … it’s been quite an amazing ride thus far.


30s should be fun to say the least. I just wanted to say thank you to anyone that has positively impacted my life so far. Thanks to all my friends. Thanks to all my supporters. Former students. Most of all thank you to my family. Not sure how I got the hand I was dealt but I’m forever thankful. They are perfect. My aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents have been instrumental in my upbringing. Thanks to my younger brothers and sisters for literally everything. Hard to fail knowing you’ve got four good people at your side no matter what the circumstances. Most of all thanks to my parents. I’ll never understand how you did it. 31 years of marriage and five kids … and somehow I managed to slide into 30 safely. Thanks for the birthday love everyone!