“Conscious” is probably one of the worst words to ever be applied to hip-hop. Other genres also encompass the full range of human emotion — from politically charged fury to hedonistic euphoria to sadness and everything in between — yet rap is seemingly the only one the attempts to superficially categorize artists by a tying them to a single one: There’s the hardcore “gangsta” rapper, the party chasing “frat” rapper, the smoked-out “weed” rapper, and yes, the oft-maligned “conscious” rapper, a curious euphemism often incorrectly applied to someone making music touching on topics outside themselves.

Nat Anglin … could fit into several such categories or, just as easily, into none. His music reflects his perspective on a broad spectrum of topics, from local politics to relationships to how good a rapper he is. In other words, he doesn’t fit any single myopic label, and that’s just how he likes it.

Fans and critics appear to be getting that message: Anglin was featured as one of the “15 Boston Rappers You Should Know” by XXL Magazine. As he continues to develop as an artist, more attention should follow.

Martin Caballero

The Boston Globe


In the past few years, Boston bred artist Nat Anglin has released ‘The Bartender’ (2011), ‘20 Something’ (2012) and the critically acclaimed ‘Ways To Go’ project which was released exclusively through DJBOOTH.NET Nat’s continued success has landed him some impressive gigs across the country including A3C festival in Atlanta and South By Southwest in Austin, Texas.

Nat now resides in Los Angeles, California and continues to make waves in the Hip-Hop world. With an untitled project in the works and slated for a late Summer / Early fall release, Nat stands poised to make his biggest splash yet. Affiliated with the famed ‘BosAngeles’ crew, a network of Boston transplants that live in Los Angeles, there is no doubt you will be hearing from him soon enough.