This past Sunday marks one year of me living in Los Angeles. It’s quite a surreal feeling looking back at how much my life has changed during that time period. While the memories of Boston are dear and the longing to see my family are indeed a struggle at times, I’ve learned a great deal living in a city different from the one that raised me.

Last year got off to about the quickest start imaginable. A cross country road trip with my cousin Regal (a feat which believe it or not had always been on my bucket list). Once we hit LA there were a few auditions right off the bat, I picked up a commercial agent, finally got to record with New England favorite Matty Trump, and grabbed a night job in West Los Angeles. Mix in hitting the beach in January and purchasing a membership at world famous Gold’s Gym in Venice I was beginning to feel like a made man!

Can you smell what #BosAngeles is cookin' ? #HardlyHomeAlwaysReppin Nice to meet the legend himself.

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Then the New England Patriots won a few amazing games, I jumped in the car with some friends and next thing we knew we had broken into the party of the year, partied with the Champions and people were starting to take notice.

The ‘Super Bowl’ story caused quite a stir both at home and out here in Los Angeles. Once the article went viral our website ‘BosAngeles’ was starting to take shape and all of a sudden we were fielding calls from reporters, producers, agents and everything in between. We actually sat down and met with some producers in Hollywood about a potential reality show and eventually shot a ‘pitch pilot’ for networks. Our story had brought us a number of opportunities we’d never have thought possible when we piled into Regal’s Prius that sunny day last January.


Since then we’ve had a bunch of awesome experiences. As far as our passions go we remain hungry, hard on ourselves and always striving for more. That being said I think it’s important to recognize some pretty awesome events that we’ve managed to accomplish in the past year. We snuck into the New England Patriots Super Bowl party and the story went viral.

The Birth Of BosAngeles: What it is, How it got started and how you can get involved. #BosAngeles

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Regal starred in the Fifa 2016 commercial with Alex Messi, Kobe Bryant and Alex Morgan.  Since it’s release in September it has aired in 80 different countries and has over 13 million views worldwide. Aside from Fifa, he has  appeared in multiple commercials and also starred in an episode of ‘Hellevator’ which aired nationally in November 2015.

Mike Nicoll still works over at ESPN and does amazing work in graphic design. On top of that he has been working steadfastly on a few different apps including ‘FanView’ which affords sports fans a comprehensive sports experience no matter where they are sitting and who they are rooting for. It is the world’s first interactive sports community (follow them on twitter @FanViewTV).  

Lucas Yancey is starring in ‘Ex-Isle’ this January. The show brings together ‘exes’ that are looking for a fresh start and to move forward with one another. He also recruited us for his epic Doritos spec commercial which did well in the Doritos Super Bowl contest. He continues to crush auditions along with Regal.

I was lucky enough to headline my own show with Brandon Tory back on 6/17 at LA’s famed ‘House Of Blues’. The event was a smash and brought out tons of people from both Boston and Los Angeles.


I also had the honor of opening up for the legendary ‘Mobb Deep’ in September at The El Rey Theater in Los Angeles. It was one of my top 3 performances of all time for me. Rocking a showing that big, with a crowd that lit in a city far from my familiar territory. It was quite a learning experience and it was also a dream to see the duo perform their entire ‘Infamous’ album that night.


This past week I released the first single, entitled ‘Shhh!’, off my upcoming project ‘Welcome To BosAngeles’. The video has received great feedback and was a blast to shoot with good friends and fellow dream chasers that worked their tails off to make it happen with me. I am forever grateful to them and look forward to continued experiences.

Alotta folks out here LOVE to tell you: ‘it’s not the success, it’s the journey’.

While that may be true, it is almost never said without the ‘success’ part. I’m not sure what success is yet. Not sure any of us are. We have our ideas. Our fears. Our dreams. Our nonsensical bouts with wishful thinking. The only thing we can control is how hard we work (and obviously how many selfies we can take).

I think the most refreshing thing I’ve learned since coming to Los Angeles is this:

The more you are yourself? the more people pay attention.

In a superficial town clouded with the deepest of illusions, the basic concept of ‘being genuine’ shines through with the light of 1000 suns (or  like a 5th Super Bowl trophy we are hoping the Patriots manage to snag this year). Luckily, the people we run with never knew how to be anything but themselves. I mean … it’s gotten us this far right? Stay tuned for more shenanigans on the way and many many many thanks for all the support this past year. We’re onto 2016.


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